Color: Green

-Ultra slim 0.3mm thickness.

-Protection from scratches, bumps, grease and fingerprints.

-Slim design provides a reliable and comfortable grip.

-Perfectly fit, with cuts to access all the controls.

-Easily slip on and off.


At KDOO, we believe in simplicity and functionality, and our Paper Case Ultra Slim embodies these principles. Crafted for those who appreciate a minimalist approach to device protection, this case is designed to be ultra-slim and lightweight.

  • Minimalist Design: Our Paper Case Ultra Slim is designed to be sleek and unobtrusive, allowing your device’s natural beauty to shine through.
  • Feather-Light: You’ll hardly notice the added weight as this case is incredibly light and slim.
  • Precise Fit: We’ve ensured that the case fits your device like a second skin, providing easy access to all ports and buttons.
  • Basic Protection: While keeping your device’s profile slim, this case still offers basic protection against scratches and minor bumps.
  • Ultra-Slim Device Case
  • Minimalist Phone Protection
  • Lightweight Device Cover

For those who prefer to keep it simple and sleek, the KDOO Paper Case Ultra Slim is the perfect choice.


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